Friday, February 10, 2017

A T.V. show I like is  the Vampire Diaries. It's a show about two vampire brothers who want the same girl, but 500 years before they both were dating a girl who looks exactly like the girl they both love now. The girls name is Elena, at first Elena dates the younger brother, then she wants the older brother. The younger brother is a good person and everyone likes him, but however the older brother is a bad boy, that does bad things and Elena finds herself drawn to him. For a short period of time Elena finds herself in love with both of them, but ultimately she picks Damon the older brother. Personally I wanted Elena to be with Damon because Damon is my favorite actor. 

Later on there is 5 vampires called the originals, they want to kill Elena because of her doppelganger, which is an identical person to you that isn't your twin. Damon and Stephan, the two brothers that love Elena protect her. They don't let anything happen to her and they always put her before anyone else. Elena protects her brother and friends, although the Vampires are powerful, witches are even more powerful. Her best friend is a witch, but not just a regular witch shes a special witch.

Elena's brother doesn't like Damon or Stephan, but both of the brothers protect him because Elena asked them to. Most vampires can't be in the sunlight but Damon and Stephan have special daylight rings, so they can be wherever they want. Everyone thinks Damon is a bad person because he will do whatever it takes to make sure Elena stays safe, however Stephan is more cautious and everyone in the show likes him because he's a better person.